The plot is not yet defined, I'm currently working on it. More or less it will be something like this:

in the year 2154, a human colony has been established on a distant planet. The humans are hunting for a rare mineral that could solve the ecological crisis on Earth. However, their plans are thwarted by an indigenous race called the Naive, whose village is resting right on top of the rare ore they need. They are blue. To solve this problem, an ex-Marine is sent out into the wild piloting a remote control alien body that will allow him to breath the air on the alien planet to gain the Naive's trust and get them to relocate. As he discovers the new world of the Naive, he meets a beautiful Naive woman, who teaches him the values that her race shares. They also have sex. As he starts to see the world through her eyes, he realizes how much this new world matters to the Naive and to him and fights to protect his new race.

Colour of the aliens may change during the work in prog.