Invisible War is going to be my third book. It is currently in the works and is more than 50% ready... should be completed before the end of October. I plan to frequently update this page about the status of the work in progress. 

It is going to be a 52 pages book fully hand painted in acrylic colours about a Brutal Dystopic Future in which a Religious/Economic War will take place.

My current idea is to Self-Publish the book trough a crowdfunding campaign as I did previously for Aminoacid Boy and the Chaos Order... stay tuned for more details and SUBSCRIBE (at the top of this page) if you don't want to miss the campaign!!!


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In a near future the 1% of the global population is possessing more than the 90% of global wealth while the 85% of the people lives far below the poverty line. Finance and Religion have officialized their communion establishing a new form of Global Government and quickly emitted a new Crypto-Value in replacement of the old Dollar. The peculiarity of this new Crypto-Dollar, as the new government declared, is its transferability and usability in Afterlife


The undermined government, relying on its spiritual power, decided that an individual possessing more than 100.000 Crypto-Dollars has a guaranteed access to Heaven when he dies, with a consequent increase of the value of the currency. This is implying an increase of the owned capital for the decesased who will thus get eternal wealth.


In the unfortunate but not uncommon situation in which the amount of Crypto Dollars possessed by the dead person is inferior to 100.000, the individual is passing to Hell with an important devaluation of his capital and a sentence to an eternal condition of poverty and struggles.

The proliferation of a new form of speculation is making the situation even more complicated. Cyber Criminals united their forces against the government, organising themselves in militarized clans known as Spekulators. But the government doesn't hung around just watching... rewards have been placed on the heads of these criminals.

The fastest way for a civilian to earn money these days is killing them. This triggered a wave of madness in the masses and led to a global conflict fought by desperate fanatic mercenaries against Spekulators.



Josh is a desperate mercenary hunting for Spekulators in order to guaranty a wealthy afterlife to himself and his daughter Yoshimi. Unfortunately his path to heaven is not going to be as smooth as he hoped...


She's the 8 years Josh's daughter.

Just like her father she loves a special brand of Japanese candies named Noushinbou


He is Yoshimi's uncle.

He's working as a mercenary with his stepbrother Josh. As you will discover soon, he's not a very lucky guy...


They are the problem!!!

IMAGES FROM THE WORK IN PROGRESS (more images coming soon...)